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We are a family run plant nursery based in Hitchin. Normally we are open 7 days a week throughout the year but due to Covid 19 we have had to close our doors. 
This site however allows us to showcase our plants and products which means that you can see a selection of what we grow and sell, and it allows you to make your choice and then contact us directly to place your order. We were thrown into this new way of doing business overnight so please excuse the rudimentary design . Simple but hopefully effective and most importantly quick to set up for us so we can concentrate on getting your orders ready and out for delivery. Please call us or email for orders.
We hope to open our gates again soon - in the meantime please stay safe and keep well.
01462 712000

About Us

Growing Strong is a plant nursery based in Hitchin. This site allows us to show you a selection of our plants for sale whilst we are closed during the Covid 19 lockdown. All  purchases are on a delivery basis.

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